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original xiaomi led phone light for photograph external selfie купить по лучшей цене

The Xiaomi is not only a selfie stick it is able to double as a phone tripod, this will enable to capture exciting new footage. The design of the Xiaomi has been created to ensure you have an improved selfie experience with the 360 rotatable view angles, extended pole range, lightweight / portable for easy storage and easy to transport around. Video 2 in 1 Design Can be used as selfie stick and phone tripod, with more creativity and record different moments of your life. Independent Bluetooth 3.0 Remote Shutter Compatible with smartphones which with Android 4.3 above or iOS 5.0 above system. Get the best shots and videos without asking a stranger. Rotatable and Extendable Design Extendable range from 56mm to 89mm, 360-degree rotatable design provides the perfect view angles. Lightweight and Portable Weighing only 155g, foldable and easy to carry. Aluminum Alloy Handle Lightweight, durable and non-slip. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Model XMZPG01YM Android Android 4.3 above iOS iOS 5.0 above Interface Micro USB Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0 Product Weight 155g Package Weight 200g Product Size 45 × 49.5 × 190 mm Package Size 5 x 6 x 20 cm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Selfie Stick
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