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The PHILIPS S5080 Rechargeable Shaver features 3 floating & rotary heads, which is dedicated to shaving for men. Wet and dry uses are supported. 3-Blade Rotary & Floating Heads Makes shaving more clean and smooth. Imported Premium Blades Brings you comfortable shaving experience and takes care your skin. Build-in High Quality Ni-Hi Battery One month's shaving only needs two-time charging. Wet & Dry Use You can shave combined with gel/shaving foam or shave directly with nothing, very convenient. Easy to Clean Lightly touch the power button to open the blade head, and then you can wash it with water directly. Note It is better to replace the Shaver Blade every two years. Specifications Name PHILIPS S5080 Multifunctional Electric Razor Washable Shaver Brand PHILIPS Model S5080 Type Electric Shaver Color As the Pictures Show Charging Time8 Hours Work Time at a Single Full Charge Approx. 25 Minutes Power Supply Rechargeable Build-in Ni-Hi Battery Voltage Range 100-240V Power Consumption(Max) 9W Standby Power Consumption 0.1W Cleaning Washable Use Condition Wet & Dry Use Package Weight 250g Package Size 20 x 10 x 8cm Package Contents 1 x PHILIPS S5080 Multifunctional Electric Razor 1 x Charger 1 X Protective Cover 1 x User Manual
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