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Outdoor UV400 Polarized Glasses Cycling Bike Bicycle Sunglasses Goggles With 5 lens Dear customer,please know that,this sunglasses come with 5 lens, includes one polarized lens and four UV lens,please check the page carefully when you order it,thank you so much. Specification: Anti-UV: Yes Interchangeable lens: Yes Lens material: PC Lens number: 5( one polarized lens and four UV lens) Myopia inner frame: Yes Nose pads material: Silica gel Dimension: lens length(144mm) lens width(44mm) bridge width(25mm) temple foot length(109mm) Features: These glasses are made from high durable and density PC material. Frame made from RT-90. Lens super compression, can be bent. Come with 5 lenses(one polarized lens and four UV lens). Durable polarized polycarbonate lenses block reflected light from water or the road and are highly impact resistant. 100% UV protection safeguards your eyes during long days. With removable myopia inner frame,you can use it when you need. Removable nose pads, removable glasses leg. Piano surface paint technology. Can use for Riding, skiing, hiking and so on. Note: Slight color difference may exist under certain circumstances such as screen display resolution variation, different lighting environment etc, which is not expected to be seen as a quality issue. Package includes: 1 x Frame 5 x Lens(includes 1 polarized lens,4 UV lens) 1 x case 1 x bag 1 x cloth 1 x Polarized paper 1 x Rope
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