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There are almost 200 entries in the addictive Everything (or Almost Everything) About Paris, a witty and sophisticated treasure trove of facts, histories, lists, records, quotations, and miscellaneous oddities that go well beyond trivia to include significant cultural enlightenment and a below-the-surface glimpse of what it means to be Parisian. Among the thousands of facts that most certainly haven't been assembled in one place anywhere else:-Street names on the original Paris monopoly game of 1930 (with the colors, so we all can recognize them) that have been changed in the 2015 edition--and to what and why;-The number of brothels, massage parlors and "places of pleasure" listed in a 1922 guidebook;-Famous poisonings that occurred in Paris;-Eight ways to recognize a Haussmann building;-A list of all the bookstores and record shops in the 1963 guide Julliard that have now disappeared;-A short explanation of the Parisian chant of disillusionment: "metro, boulot, dodo;" -Addresses of the ten vineyards within the city limits;-Playstation games set in Paris;-Ten vintage aperitifs to order in bistros;-Imaginary Parisian streets that appear in novels;-The history of the bikini, the cobblestones, the rooftops, and the trashcans of Paris;-Exploits staged at the Eiffel Tower from 1891 through 2010;-Innovative (unadopted) ideas proposed through the years to improve the quality of life in Paris: shut down museums and put the paintings in bars, turn churches into housing for the poor, and more....and that's just for starters.

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