New original magsafe 2 45w 14 85v 3 05a laptop power adapter charger for apple macbook air 11 13 a146 - купить  
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new original magsafe 2 45w 14 85v 3 05a laptop power adapter charger for apple macbook air 11 13 a1465 a1436 a1466 a1435 купить по лучшей цене

Keep your Apple MacBook Air ready for use when you're at home or on the go with this Power Adapter that features 14.85V power rating and delivers a 3.05A output for a sustained charge. Carry this extra lightweight and handy travel AC adapter, you'll enjoy the freedom of leaving one at home and one at the office, ensuring your notebook always has full power. The Macbook Pro Power adapter adopts a magnetic DC connector, this allows the lead to be disconnected harmlessly and helps to prevent fraying or weakening of the cable over time. The adapter has been designed to be extremely portable, by allowing it to wrap neatly around itself for easy storage. Feature 45W AC Charger Power Supply Adapter Features a 14.85V output to provide reliable power to your laptop. Magnetic DC Connector Provides a quick and secure connection, easily disconnects when experiencing strain and helps prevent the cable from fraying or weakening. Travel-Friendly Design Compact size for easy portability. Safeguard Features include incorrect voltage, short circuit and internal overheating protection. Specification Product Type Apple AC Adapter Input Voltage 100V-240V 1.5A AC 50-60Hz Output Voltage 14.85V Maximum Output Power 45W Maximum Output Current 3.05A Connector 5Pin MagSafe 2 T Type Charger Dimension 8L x 8W x 3H cm AC Adapter Part Models A1435, A1465, A1436, A1466, MD223, MD224, MD231, MD232, MD592 Fit Laptop Models Apple MacBook Air 11" 13" Mid 2012 to 2016 Package Included 1 x AC Adapter for Laptop Weight 200g Certification CE, FCC
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