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Description : 6 in 1 Metal Multitool Pen Handy Screwdriver Ruler Spirit Level The tech tool pen comes with 6 very handy functions; a ball point pen, a spirit level, a ruler and a flat-head and Phillips screwdriver concealed at the end of the pen. As well as performing many smart tasks, the Tech Tool Pen has a tremendously stylish outer form with a classy matt-black finish . Unique desigh, a valuable pen you worth having for your life and work ~ Features : One tech tool pen. Sensitive using for the smart phone or a tablet touch screen . Blue ball-point pen. Flat-head and Phillips screwdriver. Built in spirit level. Ruler in cm and inches. Best Price also can be a nice&useful gift gadget . Metal cased multi-tool. Matt black finish. Dimensions : 14cm (L) x 1cm (Diameter) Color : Black, Sliver for option.~ Package includes : 1 x 6 in 1 Metal Multi-tools Pen Can find the replace refills for this pen in SKU239106. More Multi functional-TOOLS collection plese find at our category :) Details pictures :
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