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2013 Reprint of 1931 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. "The Religion of Man" (1931) is a compilation of lectures by Rabindranath Tagore, edited by Tagore and drawn largely from his Hibbert Lectures given at Oxford University in May 1930. A Brahmo playwright and poet of global renown, Tagore deals with the universal themes of God, divine experience, illumination, and spirituality. A brief conversation between him and Albert Einstein, "Note on the Nature of Reality", is included as an appendix. "Rich in profound thought and poetic speech...he has never written anything so penetrating and illumination on the nature of things... Tagore has seen visions, and he can paint them for us with a compelling charm due to utter simplicity and fidelity. But he has not stopped there. His reason hs entered into truth by the doors which his intuition has opened...A treasure-store of truth, beauty and wisdom." -New ChronicleContentsPrefaceI. Man's UniverseII. The Creative SpiritIII. The Surplus In ManIV. Spiritual UnionV. The ProphetVI. The VisionVII. The Man of My HeartVIII. The Music MakerIX. The ArtistX. Man's NatureXI. The MeetingXII. The TeacherXIII. Spiritual FreedomXIV. The Four Stages Of LifeXV. ConclusionAppendix:I. The Baul Singers of BengalII. Note on the Nature of RealityIII. Dadu and the Mystery of FormIV. Night and Morning
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