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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1866 edition. Excerpt: ...fnriga'lion, n. riga'tion, n. Ris-vs, p.p. (a rideo), laughed, mocked. (See Rideo.) EtiT-t/s, m. 4. a rite or ceremony. rile, n. rit'uol, a. & n. rit'ualist, n. Riv-vs, m. 2. stream of water, a river: as, con-iva'fion, the running of different streams into one; derive', to draw from any thing, as a source or origin. §arrioe', v. dert'oed, a.-fri'tial, n. a. & v. arrival, n. deri'ver, n. ri'valry, n. arrt'ving, a. deriving, a. rt'va/ship, n. der't'pate, n. riv'er, n. co-ri'ual, n. a. &, v. derivation, n. riv'er-god, ft. co ri'tialry, n. deriv'ative, a. & n. rit/er-horsc, n. coTt'oalship, n. derio'atively, ad. riv'ulet, n. mhderive', v. unarri'ved, a. outri'ual, v. underi'ued, a. derive1, V. rill, n. uni i'valled, a. deri'vable, a. ri/'/et, ft. Risible, that mav excite laughter, laughable; having the faculty or power of laughing.' f Rigor, stiffness, rigidness; stiffness of opinion or temper, severity, sternness; severity of life, austerity; strictness, exactness without allowance, latitude or indulgence. $ Irrigation or tigation, the act of watering or moistening; in agriculture, the operation of causing water to flow...
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