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mystery speed controller 60a bec for brushless motors on r c helicopters купить по лучшей цене

Manufacturer's descriptions: . ┬╖Input Volt: 6V-12V ┬╖Constant Current: 30A ┬╖Max Current: 40A ┬╖Low-Voltage Cutoff: Auto detect and set ┬╖Size: 55*24.5*5.3mm ┬╖Weight:22g(Net Weight) ┬╖Hight rate PWM ┬╖Low resistence ┬╖Sisteen cells Max (with BEC disabled) ┬╖User programmable brake ┬╖Low voltage auto setting based on battery ┬╖Throttle range self-adjusting ┬╖Soft start ramp up ┬╖Auto motor cutoff with reset ┬╖Runs motor in forward or reverse ┬╖Safe power arming program ensures motor will not run accidentally after turn on ┬╖Low torque start ┬╖Auto shut down when signal is lost
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