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From the Ashmolean Museum to the White Horse public house, The Oxford of Inspector Morse, is the official guide published in conjunction with the Inspector Morse Society, and companion to InspectorMorse on Locationwhich covers all the locations outside of Oxford itself, is the original guide to the various Oxford locations most associated with the books and television productions of Inspector Morse as well all six series of Lewis and not forgetting the new Endeavour film as well.It not only gives the Morse and Lewis connections but concentrates on the hstorical aspects of more than fifty places used in filming the adventures.With over ten editions, regularly updated. fully illustrasted, indexed by place and episode, and with a location map and Oxford walk, this publication quite rightly features at number six in the Blackwell's Bestseller List.Amust for all Inspector Morse, Lewis & Endeavour fans as well as just lovers of Oxford
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