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Douglas "Deesh" Sharp has survived in the Bronx on the right side of the law in spite of the constant lures of drug-dealing friends, paying rent by hauling junk for cash to avoid the fate of former neighbors now on Rikers Island. Then comes the morning Deesh and two pals head upstate for a seemingly standard hauling job, and a woman pays them $1,000 to dispose of a sealed oil drum whose contents smell and weigh enough to contain a human corpse. Suspicious and doubtful, yet ground down by underemployment, Deesh agrees to follow through on the job, only to realize he is now possibly mixed up in a serious crime. Panicked, he and his friends dump the drum on the side of a rural highway and make quick plans to start new lives someplace far away. But escaping their pasts isn't so simple. As things spiral drastically out of control, Deesh finds himself betrayed and running for his life--the prime suspect in the murders of three white men. Meanwhile Jan Price, a twenty-two year old horseracing jockey who left difficulties of her own back home in Arkansas, holds promise as a rising star at a small racetrack in upstate New York, where her father was a local legend before his untimely death two decades earlier. Now living with one of her father's fellow veteran jockeys, Jan struggles to piece together her father's mysterious past. Spending her time at the track, Jan is increasingly charmed by Tug, a wannabe horse farmer, and the more Jan finds herself falling for Tug, the more seriously she gets pulled into the gritty underworld of gambling and racing. When Tug's father goes missing, Jan and Tug are convinced it wasn't an accident. But when they finally solve the mystery behind his disappearance--and seemingly happen upon luck at the track--Tug vanishes, too. Interweaving Deesh's and Jan's gripping narratives, Watch Me Go is a wonderfully insightful work of suspense that examines how we love, leave, lose, redeem, and strive once more for love. At once compulsively readable, thought-provoking, and complex, Watch Me Go is a thrilling story about family and redemption. But above all, it shows how regardless of how fast or far we run, there is no escaping the daring impulses and human vulnerability in all of us.

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