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The LED Night Light provides enough illumination for your path in the dark. It features both a light sensor and IR motion sensor to activate automatically. With 3M double sided adhesive pads and magnet at the back, it's easy to install and can be placed anywhere as needed. The LED night light is essential to every home and effectively lights up stairways, hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms etc. 6 LEDs DesignDirects 30-Lumens of neutral light downward to light pathways and stairs. Light Sensor and IR Sensor It will automatically light up in the dark when it detects motion from up to 3 meters away. Stay lit for 30 SecondsTurn off automatically after 30-seconds of no motion, conserving battery life. Easy to Install You can directly place it on a desk or stick it on the metal surface, or attach it to the surface of non-metal places with the 3M dual-side glue. Note The light is not waterproof, so Do Not install it in place with rain and heavy humidity. Specifications Name Infrared Motion Detector Round LED Night Lights Battery Powered Lamps Type Motion Sensor Lights Shell Material ABS & Magnetic Iron Light Source 6 LEDs Work Voltage DC 4.5V Power 1.2W Work Temperature -10~50℃ Sensor Distance Within 3m Power Supply 3 x AAA Dry Battery (Not Included) Product Weight Approx. 41g Product Size 80D x 15Hmm Package Weight 80g Package Size 10 x 10 x 5cm Package Contents 1 x Infrared Motion Detector Round LED Night Light1 x 3M Glue1 x Use Manual
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