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'Twas a chilly spring night in the Highlands of Scotland. The wind was roaring and whining down the mountains and through the glens. The legendary Crystal Horse of the Highland Woods had been stolen. FIGS headquarters wanted Catty Poo-Maru, the Highland Storm, on the job. Catty was wearing a 1940s motorcycle helmet and goggles on his big head, his teeth shining in the darkness. And he was laughing! I, Robert the Great, found myself clinging desperately to Catty's back as his machine roared and raced wildly up the mountains in the dark and in the rain. My kit, Robert the Lesser, began the journey with great excitement, sitting boldly in front of Poo-Maru as we flew forward. And thus I acquaint you with an agent of honor, courage, and keen intelligence. With Catty, we stand united against lyin', thievin', cheatin', and skullduggery in the Highlands. Beware, ne'er-do-wells of Catty Poo-Maru, the Highland Storm. Catty Poo-Maru is a Highland tiger cat who lives in the rough wooded highlands surrounding Castle Poo-Maru in Scotland. Known as the Highland Storm for his fearlessness in pursuing justice, Catty is a member of FIGS (Felines in Government Service) and races around on his motorcycle, using his detective skills to catch thieves and criminals. Follow his exciting adventures in Catty Poo-Maru: The Highland Storm.
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