Lsqstar 8 android4 0 capacitive screen car dvd player w gps fm bt wifi swc tv aux for toyota prius - купить  
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lsqstar 8 android4 0 capacitive screen car dvd player w gps fm bt wifi swc tv aux for toyota prius купить по лучшей цене

This car dvd player is compatible with the following Toyota models: For Toyota prius (2009-2013) Capacitive screen advantage : <1>Original imported car capacitor screen <2>Resistance to higher and lower temperature <3>Temperature Range for capacitive screen -20°~+80° <4>Resistance to damp<5>Resistance to EMC Pure Android4.0 Capacitive screen:ARM Cortex A10 1GHz Single core/3D Graphic Engine; Inad:4G INAND(SanDisk); DDR3:1GB DDR3 RAM(SAMSUNG) APE music;1080P HD video;External MIC support;Support HD 2D & 3D games;Support wireless keyboard/mouse OBD 2 function via bluetooth(needs extra module for OBD2);Front and rear camera can work together;Built-in WIFI module/external 3G dongle Built-in navigation with 3D map(map in iNAND);Built-in DVR function with an external camera (Developing) Double satellites receiver for both GPS and Russian GLONASS;Support thousands of softwares downloading from Android market Video-out allows headrests play the same video just as android car DVD;Support DVB-TATSC Analog TV Compatible with PAL/NTSC/SECAM format Car backing display: Car reverse camera input (switch automatically) Support SD/MMC/SDHC SD ports SDHC supports max 32G HDD;within 3 secs for rearview within 25 secs for operation when tons of applications installed Bluetooth supports all brands cellphonesphonebook inputmusic playback supports name search by A-Z Quick response after lighting the car: within 1 sec for starting within 2 secs for sound Built in GPS function;2-Zone function the 2 program can be setting differently File management;DVD/USB/SD copy/exchange data Sensitive push-buttonwell-done appearenceand easy operating;Android Market provide MUMerous apps download Real time clock function supports 12 hours and 24 hours time system Video support: wmv (VC1 codec) .avi (H.264 MPEG4 Xvid WMV) .mp4 (H.263 H.264 MPEG4) .mpg (MPEG-2) .m4v (H.264 MPEG4)
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