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This book is a close account on international concerns. The international community being an amalgamate of nations that have different values, interests tradition and prospects a need to gauge the weather in the international atmosphere is extremely significant. This book therefore wittingly evaluates the level of satisfaction and comfort between developing and developed countries bearing the fact that the demarcations of International laws seems to be rapidly ever expanding. A curious eye is thrown to matters concerning sovereignty much as the jurisdiction of international legal and social mercenaries, besides with international conventions and treaties are concerned, The writer drives an argument that there is a tacit fear that unless something is done the sovereignty of developing countries will end up in a natural fade and perish. Both laymen and lawyers will find this book of great interest in understanding the very meaning of international relationship and the dark side of it, unfairness, dissatisfaction, lamentations and grievances as the strongest survives over the weak is tremendously oozing all over.
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