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logos new accords of knowledge as opposed to tekne challenges купить по лучшей цене

Keywords: logos, Ict’s, sociology of technologies, educational technologiesBlurbThis text addresses the problem in which knowledge is generated from the incorporation of new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT's), during the last decade (nineties). The approach dwells on the fields of sociology of education and technology as a way that requires new semiotic fields, i.e. to identify the challenges of pragmatics, semantics and syntax for us to refer to reality and it?s complex relationships.To know is to develop a true sense from language and from reality itself, because it involves much more than choosing and adapting knowledge structures either from the existing paradigms or from the emerging fields that allow us to try new attempts to explain in a complex world that reinvents the meaning of language, which draws on technological developments and forms complex systems that require us to reshape our frame of reference.At least, the parameters of scientific legitimacy are based on criteria of relevance and development of relational strategies, such as the path in the global concert that are associated with an increased need to focus processes of knowle

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