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This research work presents the characteristics of pluviated sand samples of Ravi, Chenab and Lawrencepur are determined as the function of deposition rate and free fall height. A supply vessel in the shape of an open-top circular container with vertical side walls, a perforated bottom tray, and a slid able tray in contact is used. Where sand flows by gravity from the supply vessel through perforations and rains or pluviates into the receptor container when the slideable tray is in the open position and sand is blocked from flowing from the supply vessel with the slid able tray in the closed position. Experiments show that sand pluviation technique or sand raining technique gives approximately 10% higher density achieved by the ASTM vibration method. Loose sand samples have been formed at maximum fall height after 0.6m.While before 0.6m dense sand sample have been formed by varying the fall height.

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