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This Monstera Leaf Table Runner is a long, narrow piece and it is made to be placed lengthwise or horizontally on the table or over a traditional tablecloth for added color and character. Features Natural look and feel of real tropical leaves to use for table decoration. This Monstera Leaf Table runner measures 30cm wide and 180cm long. Perfect for the holidays, casual picnics, dinner party, barbeques, and birthday parties. Care instructions Gentle handwash preferred with water under 30 Deg. C. Do not bleach. Do not soak it too long. Take low iron under 120 Deg. C. Tips for use 1. There may be slight color deviation due to different displays or lighting conditions. 2. There may be a deviation of 1-2 cm due to manual measurement. Specifications Material 65% cotton, 35% polyester Pattern Monstera leaf Style European Product Size 30 x 180 cm Package Contents 1 x Table Runner

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