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This book aims to investigate e-Gov in the first degree self-government in Greece (municipalities) before the appliance of “Kallikratis” Plan, to examine the degree that has been developed and to locate the problems that exist for its application, proposing solutions for its future growth. Thus, we make a case study in the municipalities of Western Greece in which we examine the level of growth of eGovernment as well as the degree of exploitation of chances given by the various Operational programs of the European Union, apart from their own budgets, in order to ensure the essential infrastructures and to go towards a higher e-gov level. In our project we locate and analyze the problems that exist in the exploitation of ICT and the utilization of subsidies from EU to the direction of e-gov growth, we analyze the reasons that cause them and we search and discuss proposals for improvement in the future, in the frame of implementation of NSRF. This book can be used as a tool for the planning of further actions for the improvement of e-Gov level in the local self-government in Greece or as a guide for countries that want to apply e-gov and are in initial stages of planning.
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