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Are there forces at work in this world that can turn a sleepy little town into a brothel of chaos? Sheriff Keyes had seen many things during his years of service, but Shelton suddenly had been transported into a twilight zone of unexplainable happenings. What began as a small crime wave escalated into a siege that seemed to make the whole town go crazy, and could change the sheriff in ways he never would have imagined. Keyes knew the mysterious stranger was connected to this chaos, but was he the cause or the solution? Was this really the spiritual battle some were suggesting, or was that a fairy tale concept? If Shelton's attackers were beyond human, Keyes needed help--but where would he get it when the town's pastors couldn't even decide? Was God turning his back on the little back-road town or was Shelton simply entering the 21st century? Could the town's salvation depend on two old ladies? Could the events that unfold happen in your town? If they do, are you like Sheriff Keyes? Are they, perhaps, happening now?

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