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Kemei KM-5886 3 in 1 Electric Shaver works great in achieving the clean-shaven look as well. Its flexible heads with spinning razors that work best for making tight sideburns removed from the face cleanly. 3 in 1 Multifunctional Design Kemei KM-5886 shaving set includes shaving handle, beard trimmer, nose / ear hair trimmer. It can be used for shaving beard, nose or ear hair cutting. 5D Floating Rotary Heads Replaceable floating heads for Kemei KM - 5886 electric shaver automatically adjusts to every curve of the face and you can get a close yet comfortable shave. Waterproof Protection Men and boys can use the electric shaver, the hair clipper can be used in the bathroom. It can not be soaked in water. Rechargeable Hair Trimmer It can be used continuously for 30 minutes. Charging for 5 hours, it will be fully charged. Specifications Brand Kemei Model KM-5886 Input Voltage 220V Power Consumption 3W Charging Time 5 Hours Working Time 30 Minutes Washing Mode Washable Product Weight 348g Product Size (L x W) 165 x 54 mm Package Contents 1 x Beard Trimmer & Handle, 1 x Nose / Ear Hair Trimmer, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x User Manual
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