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Rindon OZ-50 car air purifier uses multiple filters, makes it very efficient at cleaning the air in the car. Adopted smart chip, this car air freshener can adjust the purification modes according to the air quality. This car air freshener can help capture bad odors and all types of pollutants. Fast & High Efficiency It can absorb around 99.01% PM2.5, 96.1% formaldehyde and kill 97.55% bacterium in 5 minutes. Automatically Monitor Air Quality The air purifier adopts smart sensor, detecting the air quality automatically and the red indicator light shows bad air quality while the blue shows good. Mute & Powerful Motor Impeller adopts pps & glass fibre, double ball bearing, running stable and fast. Besides, it is super mute and the noise is less than 37dB, creating a quite purification environment. Multi Filtrations Pre-filtration for cleaning large particles, HEPA filtration for removing PM2.5 and activated carbon for removing odors. Wide Applications This car deodorizer can be used in car, indoor restroom, shoe cabinet, wardrobe etc. Specifications Brand Rindon Model OZ-50 Name Car Air Purifier Material Plastic Power 3.9W Voltage 12V DC Application Area Less than 20 square meter Noise Less than 37dB Concentration of Negative Ions 17 million/s Product Weight 530g Product Size (L x W x H) 200 x 142 x 31 mm Package Contents 1 x OZ-50 Car Air Purifier
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