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jiahui av 001 1 to 3 1 out 3 in av switcher set yellow black купить по лучшей цене

Tired of disconnecting and re-connecting your audio and video cables every time you want to change your input device With this brand new AV multi-switch box you will never have to mess with all that again. Switch between different systems with only the flick of a switch.With a flick of the switch you can change input signals between a video player and game equipmentwithout having to manually replace the AV input cables with the TV set. Features: * East and convenient to use! * Device has three sets of AV inputs for DVD players game consoles and other AV equipment that can be hooked up to a TV set * Input selector switch allows AV input switching between the three devices hooked up to the switcher * 3 groups AV audio-video signal input and 1 group AV audio-video output to TV * Plug and play. No driver required * Applicable to VCD player DVD player TV Games VCR station selector satellite TV video camera video recorder video game PS2satellite receiver other electronic devices with audio / video outputs
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