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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1897 Excerpt: ...of mind one to another. Febubuhaki, a. Full of holes, apertures, or passages. Febuhai, «. A noise in quarrelling. Febuhai, v. To quarrel. Febuhai, a. Hot, as many lying together. Febuhi, ) v. To break out, to Febuhibuhi, ) burst forth, as sores on the body. Febukeaki, ) v. To hold, to seize Febukei, j mutually. Febulaji, v. To rise as swelFebulobulaji, ) lings on the body. Febuleaki, ) v. To govern mutuFebulegaki, ) ally, to govern one another. Febunaaki, v. To fly to and fro; to go and come. Febunabunaki, v. To attempt flying; to fly off in different directions. Febunoui, v. To bow down (two or more). Febutagaki, v. To contend, to strive, to vie with each other. Fefaaoaki, v. To take by force from each other. Fefaaki, v. To feel each other Fefafaaki, ) by the hand; to feel after anything (two or more). Fefaakiaki, v. To lean one against another. Fefaeikiaki, v. To go from chief to chief; to go the round of chiefs. Fefai, v. To do. Fefaiaki, v. To do mutually. Fefaifaitakiaki, v. To imitate each other. Fefainoaaki, v. To act by mistake on both sides. Fefaitei, v. To sit in state, applied to several Tongan females. Fefaoi, v. To stretch out the neck as in looking, applied to two or more. Fefaofaoaki, v. To put into several baskets; to deposit in several places. Fefauaki, ...

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