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To be ready to use English in the workplace, students need to be exposed to a variety of business and workplace situations. build confidence in using English communicatively for work. Get Ready for International Business helps students prepare to use English in the workplace by exposing them to English being used in a range of different business contexts; offering a variety of different accents in the listening exercises and the cross-cultural Viewpoints sections that feature a wide range of people talking about aspects of business and culture; focusing on developing learners' listening and speaking skills through carefully graded activities; explicitly teaching key conversation strategies to help them manage conversations in business settings; providing In business tasks that allow students to use the language studied in business simulations to develop their own professional language skills; supporting grammatical usage with a Grammar reference section. Each unit is also accompanied by а ВЕС Preliminary test-type practise page to review the language from the unit and to give students experience of ВЕС Preliminary test type exercises. ВЕС (Cambridge English: Business English Certificates) are certificates of attainment in business English awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge. This product is not endorsed or approved by Cambridge English.
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