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The exponential growth of legal literature, interdisciplinary nature of law subjects, their relationship & interdependence, widespread legal research activities and rapid dissimilation of legal research products are the main reasons distinguishing law faculty members from the rest, therefore, investigation of their information needs and seeking behavior is very much important. This work presents the INSB of law faculty members. It identifies their preferred information channels, sources, methods employed for getting the needed information, library use patterns and convenient study places. It also explores the satisfaction level of the Law faculty members from the services offered to them by their respective Law colleges'' libraries and problems faced by them in finding their needed information. After analysing the whole situation suggestions, solutions/recommendations for improvement in the resources and services have been given which are not only useful to know about the various requirements of the Law faculty members but also helpful to the administrators of the University of Peshawar and concerned Law colleges and legal institutions to set their goals and priorities accordingly.
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