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infitary h13 led headlight bulbs auto headlamp hi lo beam 72w 8000lm купить по лучшей цене

Description: Newly Updated Model: High Power and super bright, high-efficency radiating and higher universality; Integrated Design: Built-in Constant Current Dual-Driver, Instant full brightness without start up delay. Advantage:28 Holes Radiator + Built-in superspeed fans for heat dissipation, 6500 turns/min,low lumens deprecation, confirm long LED lifetime Direct Plug-In Replacement; No Extra Wiring Required Specifications: Input Voltage: DC 9V~16V Ultra Bright: 3000 Lumens,3 LED Chips lighted on for High beam, 2 LED Chips lighted on for low beam; Option Colors: White (6500K) LED Type: COB LED QTY: 5th Generation 3 pcs COB LED chips Beam Angle: 360 degree Wattage:32W Working temperature: -45~125 Waterproof: IP67 Material : Aviation Aluminum Alloy 4 Sockets: Compatible with almost all motorcycles and bicycles, such as H4 and PH7 H6 and so on,but not for PH11, H7 or H11 Lifetime: Designed for Maximum Tolerance, Lasts up to 30000 Hours Quantity: 1 pc Package includes: 1 x Motocycle LED Headlight (Model number:LH-M3S) 4 x Sockets 1 x Spring
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