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Joy Division - Under Review is a 70-minute film covering the entire story of Joy Division - one of Manchester and post-punk's truly great bands. This documentary goes behind the scenes and discovers much previously uncharted territory: starting with the band's origins in early incarnation Warsaw, through their short but hugely impacting time as Joy Division proper and even touching on the remaining members' future following the tragic death of front man Ian Curtis. The programmer further reveals the work the band undertook with legendary producer Martin Hannett, the mad genius with whom Joy Division worked on both their stunning studio albums. The second of these, Closer, was to be a posthumous release for singer lan Curtis, and this DVD also digs deep into the troubled soul of this enigmatic performer whose personal life weighed him down, cruelly, just as the wider world was beginning to take notice of his intensely moving lyrics and arresting stage presence. The legacy of Ian Curtis, and Joy Division as a whole, is still felt strongly and they remain hugely influential to each new crop of forward thinking guitar bands.
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