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Have you ever wondered just how truthful your friends or parents really are? Sometimes you never know and you just have to trust them or call them a liar and face the consequences if you’re wrong. Having a lie detector can be difficult to find! With DX offers we made it easy for you. This is a great shocking lie detector that gets the job done accurately. The shocking lie detector game does just that. It allows you to ask anyone the questions you really want the answers to and if the person tells a lie then they will be electrified by the built-in shocker. Simply place the victims hand on to the device and ask them the questions it’s that easy. When they remove their hand the honest ones can walk away without a jolt those who tell lies or even too many half truths will be shocked. - This lie detector can help to see through the white lie between kids and parents friends colleagues and lovers - Place your hand onto the hand plate of the shocking liar - If you tell the truth you can move away from it safely and if you tell a direct lie or have given an unacceptable amount of half truths you will receive an electric shock!! - Powered by 3*AAA battery (not included) - English user manual included

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