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The Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener lets you sharpen all type of knives in an easy and convenient way. It offers easy sharpening with just one hand and polishes your blades to razor-sharpness. It uniformly sharpens the whole surface of the blades within a short time. Perfect for chef knives, filet knives, pocket knives, and hunting knives. Tungsten Carbide TeethEasily and quickly sharpen your damaged and dull knives for effortless knife maintenance. Super Suction Super suction locks to virtually any surface, ideal for use on the table or counter top. Easy to Use Just place it on the smooth surface, lock it down, and it's ready to use. Compact DesignMini size is ideal for storing in your knife drawer without occupying much room. Specifications Name Knife Sharpener Metal Type Stainless steel MaterialABS, Tungsten Carbide Product Weight 49 g Product Size 6 x 6 x 4 cm Package Weight 143 g Package Size 10 x 10 x 8 cm Package Contents 1 x Knife Sharpener
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