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HUION Animation Technology Limited is the leading professional pen tablet developer and manufacturer in the world. Its new professional drawing tablet PENTOOL 680TF is the only graphic tablet that support smart card reader technology in the industry. It has three personalized color options. You can select one Micro SD card (can be extended to 64GB) and put it into the tablet. With the Micro SD card it is very convenient for you to save your work when you finish drawing. Buy a PENTOOL 680TF is equivalent to have an excellent drawing tablet and a Micro SD card reader. HUION PENTOOL 680TF has a 8 x 6" active working area. It is designed in a slim narrow shape using the concept of ergonomics and providing classic multi-color combination for your arbitrary choice. Together with the originally equipped rechargeable stylus the 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity 5080LPI and 220RPS HUION PENTOOL 680TF enables you to have a wonderful drawing experience.
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