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Compatible with Most of USB Devices Fully meet your demand no matter business or entertainment. Real USB 3.0 Transfer Speed The USB 3.0 port provides a high transmission speed up to 600MBPS. It takes just seconds to copy 1GB movie. More Than a Simple Hub This product is able to let you have hub, OTG and phone cradle at the same time. Save more money, and have more entertainments. Easily Connect Large Capacity Device with Power Supply With the 5V 2A power supply, this hub now can connect large capacity devices. Extra 5V2A Power Adapter When connecting large capacity hard disk, you can use the extra power adapter for higher power supply to ensure the hard disk working perfectly. Specification Brand UGreen Model CR109 Product Name 4 Port USB 3.0 Adapter Material ABS Color White Cable Length 0.5M
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