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HTML(Hypertext Markup Language)is a scripting language which is used to create web pages. If you are thinking of creating your own web pages, you need to know at least basic HTML. Fundamentals of Web Technologies are specially designed as a textbook for basic learners for design a Web page. The book first introduces basic concepts such as Introduction to Web, HTTP, Java Script, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Web services, Servlets, Java Server Pages(JSP), Installation of TOMCAT Server. This Book provides the prior knowledge on the subject and starts with the basics. Detailed explanations of key concepts and skills make even complex topics accessible to all level of learners with practical examples. Chapter 1 describes the Basic elements of the web page design and Chapter 2 describes the XML,DTD and with practical learning of the subject. Chapter 3 & 4 specifies the how to use XML, Java beans in the web pages. You can develop your problem solving skills by working through realistic exercises, which will help you retain the material and apply what you've learned in a professional environment.It Provide the Client-Server Programming like Servelts&JSP With practical Approach.
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