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Strengthening Responses to Climate Vulnerability through Sustainable Design of Homestead Level: The methodology is to observe the socioeconomic, physical and spatial dynamics of the rural settlements with regards to the level of adaptability and resistance to disasters, based on a detailed survey and investigation in disaster affected villages in coastal area. The specific objective is to understand the existing settlement patterns, in terms of socioeconomic, natural and built environmental constructs of the disaster prone rural communities; and to identify the spatial planning and physical design issues at homestead level and identify the vulnerability parameters. It also aims to explore and transform the local ways of adaptation and mitigation measures adopted by the disaster prone rural community in order to increase their adaptability. The objective of the book is to analyze how the Homestead serves the needs of very poor after disaster and how the surrounding environment matches with the aspiration of the inhabitants. Finally the study aims to develop a Sustainable design solution through homestead level at coastal area.

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