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The study explores the teaching of Religious Education in Zambian Schools and analyses the role the subject plays in HIV/AIDS prevention. This study contends that Religious Education as a subject has a role in HIV/AIDS prevention since as a subject it has pre-eminent value in motivating the personal behaviour of the young people. The study observes that in the context of HIV/AIDS, Religious Education has the major assignment of equipping all learners, with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, customs, morals and values that will reduce the likelihood of their acquiring or transmitting HIV infection. The study also believes that the teaching of RE does enhance the Ministry of Education’s (1996: 5) new goals of education especially:‘producing a learner capable of being animated by a personally held set, of civic, moral and spiritual values. Further, Religious Education as a subject; has the potential of helping young people to avoid acquiring HIV/AIDS by exposing them to religious ideals of chastity, virginity, unselfishness and other relevant skills required in making of informed decisions. The new generation of RE teachers should have a good understanding of modern pluralistic RE.

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