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hilda 108cm 2cm for dremel tools rotary grinder tool flexible shaft fits foredom rotary tool accessories flex shaft купить по лучшей цене

Description: Flexible Drill Shaft Extension Keyless Chuck Dremel Compatible Tool Accessory Attachment Specification: Length: Approx. 106cm/41.73" Ideal for intricate work and will accept tools with a 2cm/0.79" shaft diameter Features: Fit directly into the chuck of any cordless or electric power drill. Using a flexible drive enables you to take your power tool to the most inaccessible places. It may be used with polishing kits, drill bits, wire brushes, countersinks, flap wheels, mounted stones and grinding wheels. Usage: This flex shaft is the perfect addition for your Rotary Tool. This will work with most Dremels and Dremel Clones, as long as they have the 3/4in threaded collar. The flexshaft comes with a 1/8in collet pre-installed. To install on rotary tool unscrew Collar Ring, aloosen collet nut, insert shaft into collet, tighten collet nut, and screw flexshaft onto the rotary tool. To insert or change a rotary tool bit, locate the hole on the handle and line up that hole to the hole in the shaft, insert the shaft of any spare bit, and twist the collet nut loose, insert the bit you want to use, tighten collet nut. Once the bit in place and collet nut tightened, remove the spare bit you used to lock the flexshaft in place. Easy to use and allows for greater precision and control then using just the rotary tool by itself. Package Included: 1 x Flexible Drill Shaft More Details:
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