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high quality racerstar rs30a v2 30a blheli s esc opto 2 4s support oneshot42 multishot for fpv racer купить по лучшей цене

Flycolor RAPTOR BLHeli 12A/15A/20A/30A ESC OPTO 2-4S For RC Multicopter Description: Brand: Flycolor BEC Type: No BEC No. of cell: 2-4S 12A ESC: Instantaneous current: 18A Weight: 8.3g Size: 40 x 13 x 5mm 15A ESC: Instantaneous current: 20A Weight: 8.8g Size: 40 x 13 x 6mm 20A ESC: Instantaneous current: 30A Weight: 9.6g Size: 40 x 13 x 6mm 30A ESC: Instantaneous current: 40A Weight: 9.6g Size: 40 x 13 x 6mm Features: 1, triple IC drive, braking sensitive, rapid, support 4S, make flying more violent, suitable for racing level players 2, the choice of a new generation of high-quality master chip imports to make smaller, lighter 3, using active-wheeling technology, compared to the normal power transfer, more efficient and quicker throttle response 4, support Flycolor standard multi-axis program, excellent stall protection function, and support BLHeli program, can be upgraded via a signal line 5, the signal line is twisted pair copper wires to reduce interference signals generated within the transmission, make flying more stable 6, support Oneshot125 function, ordinary throttle mode supports refresh rates up to 500Hz maximum throttle signals, compatible with a variety of flight control Package Included: 1 x Flycolor RAPTOR BLHeli 12A/15A/20A/30A ESC
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