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hdmi 1080p to 4k x 2k scaler with audio купить по лучшей цене

Connects up to 5 HDMI source components to a single HDMI input for seamless transitions between gaming, television and more. The Vention 1 x 5 HDMI Splitter Switch Box supports up to 4K x 2K resolutions for crisp, clean, powerful displays. And the HDMI seletor allows your to remotely control HDMI switch with the infrared remote switcher without leaving the comfort of your seat. 4K x 2K & 1080P Display High definition, smooth 1080P or 4K x 2K picture display, give you the clear and vivid picture and images. 5 Input 1 Output Input can connect to laptop, player and other signal source devices. Output can connect to TV, projector and other display devices. Both the Input and output support 10-15cm cable. Aluminum Alloy Body Anti-interference protection, perfect heat dissipation performance and high stability. Status Indicator Lights Power light, signal light, switching input signal light. With Remote Control Press the SELECT button to switch manually or use the remote control to select the signal source. Memory Function It can recover the connection status of last time and there is no signal nose when to reboot or reconnect. Specifications Brand Vention Model ACDG0 Application Multimedia Plug Adapter Type AU, EU, UK, US (Optional) Material Aluminum Alloy + ABS Ports 5 x Input, 1 x Output(HDMI) HDMI Version HDMI 1.4b Format 4K*2K@30HZ, 1080P 3D@60HZ Compression Audio DTS-HD, Dolby Power 5V/1A Package Weight 150g Product Size (L x W x H) 105 x 59 x 20mm Package Size (L x W x H) 130 x 70 x 50mm Package Contents 1 x 5 Inputs 1 Output HDMI Splitter with Adapter, 1 x IR Remote
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