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Aurore Lescure, the first woman astronaut, who starred in The Xenobiotic Invasion, returns in this ground-breaking novel about the first successful interplanetary flight to the planetoid Eros. There, the intrepid explorers discover that evolution on Eros has taken a different turn than on Earth, producing a species of intelligent dinosaurs...The notion of a Japanese-financed rocket piloted by a French female astronaut was a radical one in 1932, when this daring and original novel was written. With The Castaways of Eros, Théo Varlet hoped to promote the potential of rocket technology to launch a "Space Age" of interplanetary colonization. Sadly, the advent of WWII and his untimely death in 1938 put an end to that dream, leaving only this remarkable roman scientifique as a witness to a future that never was.
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