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Many things can be said about the 2011 revolution in Egypt. And actually, many things have been said about it, especially by the media. The course of the news reports differed significantly from paper to paper.This study compares four US-newspapers, namely 'The Wall Street Journal', 'The New York Times', 'The Washington Times', and the 'San Francisco Chronicle' with regard to their reports on the events in Egypt from January 26 until February 12, 2011. This study provides the reader with important information about these specific newspapers, and the events that happened during the so called "Lotus Revolution". Further, it provides a thorough analysis about the information that have been selected by the newspapers, the words used for the reporting and the choice of interview partners.However, the study does not only offer a comparison between the different news stories that were published in the four newspapers, but also takes into account letters to the editor and editorials for these texts are important concerning the whole style and format of a newspaper. It helps the reader to form an opinion about the objectivity of reporting in US print media, and triggers him or her to think about the factors that might influence objective reporting and the reasons for it.The study is suitable for everyone who is interested in the 2011 revolution in Egypt, in the political reporting and media bias in the United States, and in the way this bias can...
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