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The Inspection Camera makes it easier to locate mechanical problems deep inside a vehicle's engine to find part numbers and more. Tight spots and hard-to-reach areas are more convenient to get to and to see clearly thanks to a thin and flexible camera tube. LED lighting reveals more details while a color LCD monitor shows accurate and crisp images. A wide-angle viewing lens sees everything you need to see. This automotive inspection camera is handy for home auto repairs and it is also suitable for use by professional mechanics. Other accessories are included such as a hook and a magnet for retrieving loose parts and a mirror for looking underneath components. Feature Allows for easy visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas. Mini water-proof camera with 980mm (3ft) flexible extended tube. Manufactured and tested to IP67 waterproof standard. 2.4" TFT-LCD monitor allows you to view live video from the lens. Adjustable brightness on lens-mounted LED light. Useful accessories included: hook, mirror and magnet. Lightweight, handheld design, flexible and convenient to use. Suitable for checking car and machinery equipment, pipe leaks, pipe blockage, and other hard to reach places. Specification Screen Size 2.4" TFT LCD Brightness 220CD/M2(TYP) Type Inspection Camera Image Sensor CMOS Total Pixels 640 x 480 View Angle 48° Minimum Illumination 0Lux (LED) Power Supply 4 x AA Battery( Not Included) Tube Diameter 8mm Waterproof Capacity IP67 (Only for Imager Head) LCD Screen Effective Pixels 960 x 240 Video System PAL/NTSC Consumption Current 238 ± 5mA/6V Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F Operating Humidity 15%-85%RH Dimension 26L x 9W x 3.5H cm Package Included 1 x Handle with LCD Screen, 1 x Flexible Tube with Lens, 1 x Video Cable, 1 x Double Hook, 1 x Single Hook, 1 x Magnet, 1 x Mirror, 1 x Rubber Ring, 1 x Carry Case, 1 x User Manual Package Size 31L x 19W x 6H cm Weight 880g
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