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for lg constant current board kls e4247horhf01 t booster plate is used купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Blue Material Plastic + PCB Specification Module name: 5A automatic buck-boost constant voltage constant current; Module Properties: Non-isolated synchronous rectifier automatic buck-boost module; Input voltage: 5~32V; Input current: 8A maximum peak 10A (within 6A in long time natural radiating heat operating); Quiescent operating current: 4mA (there will be errors when the operating voltage is not the same); Output voltage: 1.25~20V continuously adjustable (default output 12V); Output current: 5A Max. (within 3A in long time natural radiating heat) For higher output current two modules can be used in parallel for example the output is 6A it can use two modules in parallel and adjust the current of each module into 3.5A; Output constant current range: 0.2~5A; Operating frequency: 150KHz; Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (the efficiency is related to input and output voltage current voltage difference); Over-current protection: Yes; Short-circuit protection: Yes (input 10A fuse) double short-circuit protection makes the use be safer; Over-temperature protection: Yes (automatically reduce the output voltage when -over-temperature); Input reverse polarity protection: No (if necessary please enter the diode into the input); Output anti-irrigation: Yes there is no need to plus anti reverse diode when it is used for charging; Mode of connection: solder output (V-IN is input V-OUT is output) Features DC-DC Automatic Buck-Boost Constant Voltage Constant Current Module Application Electronic products and DIY projects English Manual/Spec No Packing List 1 x DC-DC Automatic Buck-Boost Constant Voltage Constant Current Module
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