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If you are camping or hiking lover, Fire-Maple 1002205 2600W portable gas stove will be your best choice. Support Electronic Ignition Ignite the stove via electric-spark ignition system, not need lighter to fire, fast and conveniently. 7Kg Load Bearing Capacity Mini outdoor stove adopts stainless steel, copper, aluminum, 7Kg load bearing, very durable to use. High Heat Efficiency 2600W power, fast boiling and cooking effect, you can boil 1L water within 3-4 minutes. Foldable Triangle Legs Simple to set up and portable to carry. The triangle legs allows the stove stand stably. Flame Control Knob Adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat and flame output quickly and efficiently. Warm Note Gas tank is NOT included here. Specifications Brand Fire-Maple Model 1002205 Material Stainless steel, copper, aluminum Power 2600W Load Bearing 7Kg Product Weight 230g Unfolding Size 160 x 160 x 76 mm Folding Size 98 x 98 x 85 mm Package Contents 1 x Camping Gas Stove, 1 x Storage Box
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