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fire maple fms 105 mini stainless steel camping gas stove 2600w купить по лучшей цене

This Fire Maple FMB-915 cookware set includes one FMS-105 gas stove, one set of FMC-K7 camping pot, one FMW-503 windproof baffle, a set of camping bowls, 3 x 30ml containing bottle and a backpack. Suitable for picnic, camping, and other outdoor activities. Upgraded Backpack The backpack can hold all of these pieces, it also features two side net pocket to hold bottle or umbrella. FMS-105 Gas Stove Made of stainless steel material, anti-rust and durable to use. FMC-K7 Camping Pot Set 4 pieces a set, can meet demands for 3-5 people, aluminum material made, heat-resistant and wear-resistance. FMW-503 Windproof Baffle It is made of aluminum material, suitable using for split stoves. Camping Bowls Safe and healthy, 6 bowls a set (three colors). Containing Bottles Comes with three containing bottles of 30ml, can bear temperature between -20℃-50℃. Specifications MaterialStainless steel, aluminum, etc. Suitable forOutdoor camping, etc. Package Weight1500g Package Size45 x 35 x 35 cm Package Contents1 x FMB-915 Cookware Set
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