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Designed for campers, Fenix CL20 supports both AA battery and CR123A li-ion battery to ensure optimum performance in cold seasons. The premium neutral white LEDs along with exclusive multifaceted globe provide 165-lumen anti-glare light for gear organization and other nighttime camping tasks. With built-in hanging loop and magnet for easy attachment, the additional red light equipped CL20 is a versatile companion whether on campsite or in tent. Uses nine neutral white LEDs and two red LEDs with an even and smooth beam Built-in magnet for easy attachment Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness One-button switch for easy and fast operation Made of quality plastic and high-transparency material Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation IPX-6 waterproof level Specifications Brand Fenix Model CL20 Runtime 71 hours and 40 min / 8 lumens / AA Ni-MH, 56 hours and 40 min / 8 lumens / AA Alkaline, 46 hours and 50 min / 8 lumens / CR123A Max Distance 10m Battery 2 x AA (Alkaline, Ni-MH) batteries / 1 x CR123A battery (both are not included) Product Weight 16g (excluding battery) Product Size 7.84L x 4.52W x 5.91H cm Package 1 x CL20 Camping Lantern

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