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Can be used as a Bluetooth headset; Talking range: 500m; Supports Bluetooth A2DP hands-free walkie-talkie and voice dialing. The BT interphone and Handsfree Bluetooth is perfect for you as you are ridding or skiing. This hands free functionality is contained within one self contained module that attaches to the side of your helmet. You can receive a cell phone call without pressing a button enjoy your favorite stereo music from your A2DP enabled cell phone or MP3 player or chat with your pillion with this Handsfree Bluetooth interphone. - Maximum talking range 500 meters between two BT interphones real two-way wireless - Effective operation up to 120km/h speed - 10-meters Bluetooth sensing range - Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclists and skiers - Support Headset profile Hands-free A2DP profile - Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone or MP3 for stereo music - Up to 7 hours talking time - Up to 100 hours stand by time - Auto receiving cellphone calls - Fits any motorcycle helmet - Fully weather protected - Wind and noise compensating microphone with slim headset speaker - Drive safely while talking with friend - Built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery recharged by the included AC adapter or any powered USB port - Package included: - 2 * BT interphone - 2 * Rider speakers and microphone - 2 * Helmet mount kit set - 2 * USB charging cable - 2 * 100-240v US plug AC USB adaptor - 1 * User manual
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