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fast shipping jm01 020 2 5hp 180v dc motor for treadmill купить по лучшей цене

A DC motor is widely used in various electrical appliances and it produces vibrations during its run. Any fault in the motor or the fault in the system on which motor is mounted will result in the failure of the system. So in order to protect the system, there is a need to develop a fault detection system for dc motor working in micro-manufacturing applications. Fast Fourier Transform has been used to examine the presence of faults in the system. Further, speed and acceleration measurements of dc motor are useful for its characterization and control. Also, for this there is a need to develop an embedded system for dc motor speed characterization. The systems has been programmed on ARM Micro-controller.In this research work, the vibration based embedded systems for fault detection and speed characterization of dc motor are presented.
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