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ETOOK Foldable Bike Lock is easy to carry and store. ABS plastic wraps the surface, protect your bike frame surface. Adjustable joints design for more convenient to use. High strength, corrosion protection not rust. Suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, carriages, scooters, mopeds, baby carts, etc. High-grade Material Made of stainless steel covered with ABS rubber paint, which can effectively prevent it damaging the bike frame. Tiny in Size Foldable design greatly enlarges the lock space (210mm x 210mm) within the smallest lock size (65mm x 134mm). Advanced Technology Using the advanced car rotary riveting technology to reduce the joints gap and remain tight. Anti-Theft Clock Sided recess key and C level lock mechanism prevent against stolen codes and theft. Convenient to Carry 8 joints foldable design greatly reduces the locker size on the basis of largest locking space, and makes it more convenient to install and carry around. Specification Brand ETOOK Model ET550H Color Black, White, Red Material Super hardened alloy steel Weight 1296g Folding Size 20 x 8 x 5.3cm Max Strength Resist to Hydraulic shear of 12 tons
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