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Dr. M. Nkosi, Senior Lecturer: Gender studies and Curriculum studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, S. A.''This is a commendable book; it gives a clearer picture in understanding teachers’ experiences in relation to orphans and vulnerable children due to HIV and AIDS.'' A. Collins Wonders publishers, Houston USA. 'Another great publication, a platform where both orphans and educators’ voices can be heard coupled with remarkable intervention strategies and recommendations'' Teaching AIDS orphans and vulnerable children (A tale of experiences) is an exploration of educators’ experiences in relation to orphans and vulnerable children due to HIV and AIDS in the context of inclusive education policy. It is a practical Guide for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, Educators, social worker, psychologist and all institutions with keen desires to profoundly comprehend or embark on research of this nature. Key features: Understanding vulnerability and HIV/AIDS, Policy framework on AIDS orphans and vulnerable children, Challenges experienced by AIDS orphans and vulnerable children, Educators’ experiences and the consequences of OVC related challenges for educators in the classroom
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