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The Charging Dock Station has two docks that can hold and charge two PS4 controllers at a time; apart from being a chargign station, the dock also functions as a stylish organization tool for your PS4 controllers. Now you can say hello to a clutter-free and more comfortable gaming station. With the same sleek design as the Playstation 4 itself, this charging station will complement your console perfectly. Dual USB PS4 Controller Charging Dock Station Stand The Charger Station provides an easy and quick way to charge and store your PS4 controllers. Getting charged through the USB port from either the PS4 or PC. Two controllers can be charged simultaneously. Charging is allowed even the controllers still being used. Single controller fully charged within 2 hours. Two controllers fully charged within 4 hours. LED indicators to remind the charging status. Specifications Name PS4 Controller Charging Dock TypeCharging Dock Material ABS Compatibility PS4 Controller Input Voltage DC 5V, 1000mAh Output Voltage DC 5V, 500-1000mAh Dimension 15.5L x 10W x 1.25H cm Package Size 18L x 14W x 5H cm Weight 118g Certification CE Package Included 1 x LED Dual USB Fast Charging Docking Station for PS4 Controller, 1 x USB Charging Cable
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